Terms and conditions

  • As the hirer you should accept that you and anybody using the equipment under a hire agreement you use the equipment entirely at your own risk and at your own responsibility
  • The owner of the equipment accepts no liability for any damage injury or loss to the persons or property resulting from the use of the equipment on the basis that such is beyond the control of the owner
  • As a hirer you will have read and understood all rules and regulations and will abide by them
  • As a hirer you will examine the equipment with the operator and agree it is in perfect working order. Therefore you should accept responsibility for any damage or loss to the equipment whilst hired to you under an agreement and accept that you will be help liable for its consequent repair or replacement
  • As the hirer you will not move or attempt to move the inflatable from the position Buckley’s castles have secured them
  • As a hirer you should ensure the castle is as clean on collection as was when delivered or will pay cleaning charge (price of hire again)
  • No shoes of any kind
  • no food or drink to be consumed on the castle no smoking on or near the equipment
  • No silly string , party poppers, liquids, spray foam, hair pins, bags or badges
  • No climbing on the sides, bouncing on the step or hanging off the sides
  • Buckley’s castles has full Public Liability Insurance however ,Buckley’s castles cannot take responsibility or liability once the inflatable has been left in the supervision of the hirer
  • Buckley’s castles must also warn the hirer that if any accident occurs from the hirers neglect to supervision then the hirer will be responsible and not Buckley’s castles
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